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Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. Cryonic Medical has therefore developed training appropriate to the needs of professionals in France and abroad according to everyone’s professional constraints to optimize the results of the technique. 

In addition to training, CRYONIC MEDICAL offers a gas logistics service as well as a highly efficient maintenance service:



Medical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): why?

“Thermal shock” is the key to the effectiveness of cryotherapy. It can only be created with cold below -60°. This type of cold does not exist in nature and cannot be produced without gas, so consumables are required to be effective.

The recommended gas is liquefied medical CO2 which, by expansion in air, produces a constant temperature of -78°C.  Cylinders must therefore be equipped with a PLUNGER TUBE since we need to use the liquid phase of the gas.



The advantages of CO2

  • Physical and chemical properties serving your practice and patient comfort: The gas is pure, dry and bacteriostatic. It is therefore very comfortable and can be used around wounds or after surgery, in total asepsis and without softening tissue.
  • Storage: Cylinders must be stored in a dry place away from sources of heat (radiators, spas). It is neither flammable nor dangerous.
  • Eco-responsibility: the CO2 used comes from a process of recycling from combustion. It is purified and cleaned before being compressed in our cylinders. There is therefore no pollution when using the technique.




In France: 2 types of cylinders are offered: 

Standard 10 kg cylinders of CO2 and smaller cylinders (1 to 2 kg) for the portable device.

All cylinders can be refilled.


The Cryonic Medical logistics service is highly efficient; we are indeed able to deliver to anywhere in France within 48-72 hours, taking back the empty cylinders.

Cylinder traceability is checked and the cylinders are regularly reconditioned.


Abroad, Cryonic Medical does not deliver gas but there are many suppliers who are able to provide this service. We have representatives in many countries and can arrange delivery for sports teams likely to travel.


Maintenance service - Quality

The Quality System

Each year, a certification body inspects companies and manufacturers of medical devices. They must comply with European medical standards and meet the requirements of the directives in force.

With the rigour of the system, its staff and the commitment of each partner, Cryonic Medical has several certifications and approvals to be able to sell its medical devices on different global markets and in all hospitals: 

Certification by LNE/GMED :

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485


Homologation :

  • EU (Medical CE Mark)
  • Israel 

Be sure to check the Medical CE marking of the equipment you use. 

In the event of any incident, your insurer will ask for it.


Maintenance and After-Sales Service. 

In France:

CRYONIC MEDICAL provides an after-sales service specialist for CRYONIC MEDICAL devices.

The online service allows the fault to be identified, if there is one, and to resolve it by phone in most cases. If the diagnosis requires intervention, several solutions are offered to you with a possibility of sending a loaner unit during the intervention. The reactivity of this service is one of Cryonic Medical’s strong points. 



LeEquipment distributors – resellers are trained to answer all technical questions. In case of specific problems, they can put you in touch with our engineers or you can send your request directly to the email address cryonic@cryonic-medical.com .

Assistance by Skype video is also possible



CRYONIC MEDICAL funds the Récylum recycling system dedicated to DEEE Pro which recovers at no charge electrical lighting equipment, control and monitoring equipment, and used medical devices (more information at  www.recylum.com) .




There are many references in many countries and in several fields. Copyrights do not permit us to reveal the names of our clients in professional sports, but if you would like to know more about the federations or national football, rugby, basketball, baseball, tennis or other teams, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We can give you some references that will surprise you!