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Professional procedures and enhancing knowledge is an essential point in the use of this technique. It is available to you!
Cryonic Medical wants to make its equipment available to users so everyone can make the most of NCS and offer it in an appropriate manner to patients.



In France: A half-day training session is offered by a NEUROCRYOSTIMULATION specialist.

Program :

  • Review of NeuroCryoStimulation principles, how it works and its effects
  • Understanding and defining the types of pathologies treated every day
  • Practical applications and skills - patient treatments

A course certificate is issued after the half-day session.


This training may be offered at the Cryonic Medical headquarters at Besancon (25000-FR) or on-site. In this case a travel package may be required in addition (price on request).


For any training abroad:

International partners are present in many countries and are accredited by the Cryonic Medical company to offer training to their clients and users of the NeuroCryoStimulation technique. Course certificates are issued upon request by the Cryonic Medical company on completion of the course.


For any special requests in France or abroad, a quotation can be provided.
Many patients ask us for the contact details of trained practitioners so they can benefit from our technique; Our list is updated regularly!
More: Professional health representatives, by specialty and users of NCS for many years, are available to answer any special requests.